Help with late tax filings

Are you receiving letters or phone calls from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) about missed tax returns or other reporting obligations?  With all the responsibilities and paper work of running a business, it's easy to fall behind on your corporate and personal tax returns, GST returns, and other filing obligations. 

The added stress of being behind on your books and tax fillings, in addition to the uncertainty of the taxes owing plus the penalties and interest accruing, can be quite overwhelming.  It's important to get all past tax filings up to date in order to avoid further interest and penalties which can quickly add up.

Regardless of whether you need to catch up on past corporate tax returns, personal tax returns, or GST we can help!  We will work with you to get you caught up on your tax filings.  Our goal is to develop a tax plan that will minimize the taxes owing and will set you up for future tax savings.

Contact us today if you like to set up a meeting!